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am Forschungsbereich Fertigungsmesstechnik und Qualitätsmanagement, Abteilung Modellbasierte Systeme

(External) Automated Quality Assurance Using Machine Learning (at Boeing)

Aerospace industry is characterized by individual production and small sample sizes. Unlike in the automotive industry, standard methods for process evaluation and control are not applicable. To ensure high quality products and reduce scrap and the costs for quality assurance Boeing targets these challenges by combining different Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for an automated quality prediction and root cause analysis. Since with ML the problem exists, that little data often leads to the non-applicability of those methods, a solution to enlarge the data basis has to be found. One way to do this is to simulate data.

In order to ensure the application of ML algorithms in quality assurance, within this thesis a method enlarge the data basis has to be developed at Boeing Research and Technology in Munich. Data from a process simulation and real production data has to be combined to create a data basis large enough to train a ML algorithm.

The thesis is divided into the following steps:

 Literature research (ML, simulation data, input combination)
 Production process simulation
 Development of a catalog of criteria for the evaluation of the results of a ML algorithm, which was trained with combined data
 Development and Implementation of a method to combine data for ML in R or Python
 Evaluation of the method
 Validation of the results
 Summary and Outlook
 Student of STEM disciplines
 Motivation and commitment
 Independent work
 Interest in Machine Learning
 Programming Skills (e.g. R or Py-thon) (desirable)

Our Offer to you:

 Active participation in a current research project at Boeing Research & Technology with a high degree of practical relevance
 Comprehensive supervision by a research associate and a Boeing employee
 Flexible time management
 Recognition of the work for the DFQ-Quality Systems Manager Junior

Sources (Figures): Finite-element simulation and validation of material flow in thermal drilling; Boeing
Zeitaufwand: 300,00 Arbeitsstunden

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