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Development of an online-identification system for the monitoring of a hobbing process

The real-time monitoring on tool wear is a both scientifically and economically important topic. While there are many solutions that are based on force measurement, the required sensors are very expensive, rendering them unfeasible for many companies. One possible solution lies in the use of much cheaper effective power measurement devices. However, especially in complex manufacturing processes such as hobbing, there is a weak correlation between force and power.

Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the transfer behavior between the loaded tool and the motor spindle. Only then is it possible to assess the acting force on basis of the power signal.

This master thesis will cover said problem. The tasks is to develop an approach for the modelling of the transfer behavior and to evaluate it in experiments. Furthermore, it should be analyzed how the transfer function can be identified online using tools such as a Kalman filter.
You are interested in this challenging task? Then it would be nice if you can answer some or even all of the following with “yes”!

- Student in mechanical engineering, production science, electrical engineering or physics
- Fluency in English and/or German
- Motivated to engage in new challenges
- Enjoying to work in a larger, international and young research team
- Basic knowledge of manufacturing processes
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