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HiWi Job Position: NDT Specialist for Industrial Computed Tomography

In recent years, industrial Computed Tomography (CT) has developed into a promising technology for integrated quality control of complex parts by combining dimensional metrology and material defect analysis.
Both the automotive and the aerospace industry have shown a strong interest in this non-destructive testing method, since CT is the only measuring method capable of inspecting both the inner and the outer structure of industrial products.

Source: Brunke et al. (2012)

As NDT Specialist, you will have to opportunity to work in close cooperation with companies. The main objective of the work is to inspect complex products by means of CT, perform measurement tasks and testing, and investigate possible defects (cracks, voids, pores, broken functional features) in order to support the product design phase and help companies succeeding worldwide.
At the beginning of the job, you will also receive an advanced training for CT operators.
- Engagement and dedication
- Good knowledge of a suitable programming language (C++ or similar)
- Good knowledge of CAD programs is desirable

We offer you an advanced training as NDT specialist and the possibility of working in an international team in close cooperation with international companies.
Arbeitszeit: 10,00 Wochenstunden

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