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am Forschungsbereich Technologie der Fertigungsverfahren, Abteilung Abtragende Fertigungsverfahren, Gruppe Elektrochemische Bearbeitung (ECM)

Development of a Simulation Model for Heat Transfer in EDM and Laser Process

EDM and laser processes cover wide range of applications from auto industry to medical applications. Both these processes have thermal characteristic, and do not include mechanical contact and mechanical loading. Due to their thermal characteristics, these processes are capable of manufacturing materials with high mechanical resistance. The applied thermal energy to the workpiece in the mentioned processes result in the thermal loadings. The thermal loading includes the induced temperature field and temperature gradients. It is obvious, that the temperature and temperature gradient applied to the workpiece during the addressed process define the changes in the workpiece. Therefore, determination of these parameters are of interest for prediction of the modifications in the workpiece. Due to the nature of these processes especially, EDM obtaining the thermal loads by measurement is not always possible. Therefore, heat transfer simulation remains the only possibility for determination of these values. Using the results of such simulation, the changes in the workpiece in the material can be predicted.

In the frame of this work the introduced models for heat transfer during laser and EDM processes will be developed. The model will be implemented in the Comsol Multiphysics software. This simulation software is a commercial software for solving the physical phenomena using numerical methods. This work is founded by DFG in frame of TRR 136 project “process signature”. This project is a scientific project investigating different manufacturing processes and run by three different universities including (RWTH Aachen University, Bremen University, and Oklahoma State University). In the course of this work you will have the full support and guidance of the scientific experts during every step of your work. The work will be finished in the considered time by faculty for master / bachelor thesis.
- Ability to work in group
- Interested in simulation
- Being independent and responsible
- Basic knowledge about metallurgy
- Good English and German language

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- - Comprehensive care
- - Deferred tasks, fast processing possible
- - Interesting insights into current research topics
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- - Very good working atmosphere in a nice team
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