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am Forschungsbereich Getriebetechnik, Gruppe Getriebeberechnung und Fertigungssimulation

Opportunity for Hiwi job in the area of simulation of manufacturing processes in gears

Gears are key components of a transmission system and during operation they usually must face heavy load conditions. In order to achieve requirements of low noise and long life during such operational conditions, gears must present optimal parameters of surface integrity which are mainly generated during finishing processes. Grinding is a finishing process widely applied due to advantages such as high dimension accuracy and improvement of surface quality. However, due to its abrasive character, grinding can induce not only mechanical but also high thermal loads in the workpiece during the process, deteriorating the surface integrity.
Thus, the influence of thermal and mechanical loads induced by grinding on surface integrity is investigated. During the investigation, practical grinding tests in correlation with the development of simulation models of the process are developed.

  • Support on grinding experimental trials;
  • Surface topography assessment;
  • Support on the development of routines for grinding wheel analysis (Matlab);
  • Support on the development of simulation of gear grinding process.

  • Basic knowledge of Matlab;
  • Very good knowledge in at least one programming language;
  • Good English language skill;
  • Good team work and communication skills

Arbeitszeit: 11,00 Wochenstunden

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