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Gear Department


The research area of Gear Engineering works in close collaboration with the research areas of Machine Tools und Manufacturing Technology. It is the only research facility in Europe that works on all three relevant areas of gear technology - design, manufacturing and testing, providing integrated research and industrial solutions.
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Research Group Gear Manufacturing Technology

The Research Group Gear Technology and Manufacturing is dedicated to the area of expertise of gear manufacturing and is engaged in detail with nearly all gear manufacturing processes. This applies both to the generating process, as well as the finishing process. The different areas are researched in fundamental research projects as well as in industry projects.
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Research Group Gear Design and Manufacturing Simulation

The Research Group Gear Design and Manufacturing Simulation develops calculation programs for you. With these programs it is possible to find the best solution for often times contradictory requirements imposed by gear design and gear manufacturing processes. The emphasis lies on the areas of the simulation of gear manufacturing processes and the calculation of the performance of the gear. Therefore the business activities of the WZL gear group are perfectly complemented.
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Research Group Gear Testing

The Research Group Gear Testing studies the performance of gears in terms of load carrying capacity and noise on state-of-the-art test rigs owned by WZL gear group. In every area of expertise the research objects are normal cylindrical gears, bevel gears as well as special gears like beveloid gears. The experimental activities are accompanied by extensive formulation of theoretical models to describe the excitation and load carrying capacity behavior within the gear design.
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WZL Gear Research Circle (GRC)

The motivation of the WZL Gear Research Circle is to promote practically relevant projects, to participate actively in the formation of new main research projects and hence introduce industrial questions into research. As an outcome of this the goals of the WZL Gear Research Circle are to develop new technologies within the scope of communal research and to establish them at an early stage in industrial applications. Hereby the member companies gain a technology advance and ensure their leading position in the worldwide competition.

Our Seminars for you

Innovations in Bevel Gear Technology March 14-15, 2018
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WZL Gear Conference May 16-17, 2018
Registration only for members of the WZL Gear Research Circle

Trends in Gear Soft Manufacturing November 7-8, 2018
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WZL Gear Conference June 5-6, 2019
Registration only for members of the WZL Gear Research Circle

Core Competencies of the WZL Gear Department

The close cooperation between the three groups in the field of gear technology has a long tradition at the WZL. From the holistic analytical approach resulting in the combination of manufacturing and construction, validated models and methods are developed in the gear technology, which would not have been possible with a singular approach. This enables the prudent handling of questions from industry in the past. The intensive cooperation between research groups has led to several core competences, which represents the added value of integrated approaches of manufacturing and engineering technology in gear research. For preparation of responses to existing research questions in each presented competence area, the capabilities of all research groups are bundled.

The services in the field of gear and transmission engineering include, among other topics, gear design and gear optimisation, as well as surface zone analysis of components.

Decades of research work carried out in the Gear Engineering department have yielded many outstanding dissertations in the field of gear technology.



The „Gear-Team"

For more than 50 years the WZL has been addressing issues regarding gear technology. Currently, 24 employees, including 16 postgraduate research assistants, work at the WZL Gear Engineering department. They are supported by more than 20 student assistants. The focus of our work today is more or less equally subdivided into the areas of gear design, gear manufacturing and gear testing, as well as issues relating to all three.

Besides basic research work, we mainly focus on applied research topics. The results of our work are presented at our annual WZL Gear Conference in Aachen to the members of the WZL Gear Research Circle (GRC). Of central importance is the close collaboration with industry and applied research projects. We also develop solutions together with our industrial partners relating to concrete issues, and we assist in implementing these in an industrial context.

Publications on the topic of gear technology at the Chairs of Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools